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Before you begin to choose what types of solar garden light you need, be sure to bear in mind that due to the limited efficiency of solar power, the solar light is not effective as the electric 110-240V lights. Solar light does not have a high light intensity and capable of illuminating your whole garden area or entire driveway. But with proper set up, solar garden light is adequate to see what is around you, avoid stumbling around in the driveway trying to navigate your way to the front door, or slipping on the dog's chew toy and the kids' bikes; or maybe you're having a garden party and you want to show off your yard at its best. 

Types of solar garden lights that you can choose

There are several types of solar garden light that you can choose from:  solar spotlight,  solar wall light,  solar security light(with motion sensor),solar lighting system and solar courtyard light. 

Solar Spotlights: 
Solar spotlight has a narrow window to emit the light and many reflectors to maximize the lumen output, thus it is much brighter on a spot of light and able to light up a longer distance. Solar spot lights are perfect for highlighting a particular feature in your yard, whether it's a tree or your favorite part of the garden. If you want a wider glow to be cast in the area, set up several pairs of solar light in a line or a circle. They make it easy to illuminate areas like the front porch, the garage or the driveway without the added energy cost and setting up the wires that comes with traditional lighting.

Solar Wall Lights:
It is obvious that solar wall light has a base that is mounted to wall, fences, or any vertical flat surface. The up side of solar wall light is that it has the widest applications, exterior walls, fences, doors, etc. The down side is that, at the most parts of the world, the walls would also cast a shadow on the solar light, the light would not be charged a full day. Thus many solar wall lights have a seperated solar panel, or has a PIR sensor to save the energy. 

Solar Motion Light: 
Solar security light, we can also name it as Solar Security Light/Solar Sensor Light, a solar motion light comes with a motion sensor that detects movements within its vicinity and triggers the light to illuminate the area. 

A solar motion light insures the security of your home by serving as a physical deterrent to thieves. The motion sensor and automatic turn-on of lights puts them at risk of getting caught and apprehended. Since getting caught is the last thing that they want, they are more likely to move on to the next house with no alarm or security light system.

You have the choice to place your solar lights at different places outside of your house or office as every scenario is possible. You can use them to beautify your garden and garage at night. These are the same solar lights that are found in runways, airports, flag poles or even your street lights. Here is the list of possible places to install them:

• Garage
• Entrance of your house
• Patio (pool and back)
• Mail box
• Driveway
• Porch



Solar Lighting System(for home use):
Unlike other solar lights, solar lighting system is actually applied for indoor use. The solar system always consists of solar panel, rechargeable batery, control box, DC to AC invert, wires, hardware accessories etc. The power of the system varies from 5W to 5000W  

The factors that you would need to concern

Light intensity 
If you're after a garden light that will actually light up an area, you'll need one with a high light intensity.

Screw-in placement
Screwing in lights makes them more secure. Otherwise garden lights can be easily pulled out and stolen.

Complete kit
Buying your lights in multiple pack.

Separate solar panel

A separate solar panel will make it easier for you to use solar lights in shaded areas – you can position the panel in the sun.

Battery life

Battery and solar panel life generally reduces with continual use in a garden. Bear this in mind if you're buying a battery-powered 12V garden light or a solar-powered garden light, and choose one that will last longer if possible.
Motion sensor

This is useful for temporarily lighting up an area more substantially when something passes by; it's useful for extra security (i.e. foiling sneaky burglars) and also if you have people in the house who just can't remember to turn off switches...

Light sensor

A dusk/dawn sensor detects the light level, and turns on the garden light when it gets low. 

How do you install garden lights?

Here comes the easiest step, once purchased and received the solar lights, simply pick up the location that you need some lighting, and install the solar lights.  

Installing most solar garden lights usually involves pushing or screwing the lantern into the upright post and then inserting the whole assembly in the ground. The ground may have to be watered first to make sure the stake can be driven in easily.

How much do you need to pay? 

From $5 to more than $200 per light.
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