Infrared Technology

The "motion sensing" feature on most lights (and security systems) is a passive system that detects infrared energy. These sensors are therefore known as PIR (passive infrared) detectors. The sensor can dedect human movements upto 5-8 meters away. Applied the PIR sensor to different products, it has different applications, eg for lamps to become brighter, to trigger an alarm, to take a snapshot or begin to record etc. 

Are you concern about the security of your home? And looking for a security lighting solution? Look no further than solar powered security lights; remember a good light is one that performs well on any given condition, robust and affordable. With the advancement in solar technology there have been many types of security lights available in the market – the one we are discussing here are the solar power motion detection security lights. These portable solar security lights can be fixed on the shed, behind your backyard garage, outdoor wall, above the deck, or on the pathway of your backyard.

Due to the fact that solar lights generally don't need wiring, it's easier to install them anywhere and can be move easily without needing any expert or consultant to contact and spend money on, even a naïve person can do it.

Top 3 Best Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensor

Picking a motion sensor can be tricky. There are dozens of different makes and models on the market, and they come in all shapes and sizes. If you're using an outdoor sensor, you want something that will be able to hold up to all kinds of weather, whereas if you're using a sensor inside, you may want something discreet that won't clash with your decoration. Motion sensors also have different detection area sizes and different alert types

To help you choose the best solar motion sensor security light we've hand picks a list of 5 solar security light and put up a brief review of each item based on features, price and customer comments, so read on each review and decide and own the one which is best suited as per your requirements.

#1   21 LED Solar Security Light

This modern LED solar stair light is fantastic for lighting, decorating and marking. It can be easily mounted either vertically or flatly on staircases, paths, gardens, mailboxes, decks, docks and fences.  
The battery enables the light to run up to 10 hours through the night and recharge automatically during the day.  
The Polycrystalline silicon solar panel is able to gather solar energy even on overcast days. You don't need to do anything because the light itself will turn on at night and off during the day.  
These LED are more durable than conventional glass light bulbs and are more efficient.  

#2   200Lumen LED Solar Security Light

When evening comes, the solar fence light will automatically send out light. This solar fence light gives you a good view and safety of your garden at night.  
Turn on the switch on the side of the solar panel and it will be charged as soon as the sunlight is enough.  
Super bright, enhances safety by increasing visibility at night and bad weather conditions.  200 Lumen Super Bright!!

#3   9 LED Solar Security Light, Compact and Solid

9 LED Solar Security Light with PIR Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Light Waterproof Super Bright for Patio, Yard, Garden, Pathway, Step, Stair Auto On/Off Dusk to Dawn

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