What We Do

A Supplier of Clean Energy for the World

Who we are

Yinghao Solar is dedicated to become a global leader of clean energy for the world. We are one of the leading brand in manufacturing and distributing solar lights for household and commercial lighting. For the last 5 years, we sold over 5 million products around the world, improved the quality of living conditions for tens of thousands families.

Our vision

Sun is free, we expect us to be the fist one to bring free solar energy to every ordinary household, to provide reliable, affordable solar lighting products. We envision a future where solar lighting can replace most of the high energy consumption electricity and most of the rural and poor villages have the affordable solar light.

Why do our customers choose the Yinghao brand?

Quality Products

All YINGHAO products have a one-year warranty. When customers purchase YINGHAO product, they receive a warranty card, stamped with the date of purchase by the retailer. If the customer encounters any problems with their product, they simply return to the product to the retailer.


YINGHAO products are water-resistant, weatherproof, and built to last over five years. Check out our durability test videos to see how our products withstand all kinds of weather conditions and falls.


YINGHAO has over eight years of experience working in the field with our customers to design products that best suit their needs. We employ top-tier engineers and designers to create products that improve the lives of our customers.

More About Us

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